KONE corporate image at night

The KONE test tower has been lit up in the heart and soul of KONE elevators at the Hyvinkää factory. The idea was to boost the corporate image and welcome visitors to the KONE People Flow Center.

This installation has two main views. One from far away when you are driving from Helsinki on the highway and the close-up view when you are just about to enter the new showroom from the main entrance.

The motive behind this project was to bring this landmark of KONE and Hyvinkää city also to the night time landscape. The tower window slot has a dynamic part where the animation is showing a glimpse of what is happening inside the test tower. The endless line of elevators going up can be seen from far away since the movement attracts your vision. When you turn to the last road leading to the main entrance and the view suddenly opens you see the KONE test tower in its blue nighttime disguise giving this concrete structure a very different look compared to the day time.  


Categories: Outdoor lighting, Urban space