Levi Ski-Center is located in the north of Finland and is one of the biggest winter activity centers in Finland. The new holiday dwelling area of Ylä-Levi is being built in close proximity of the ski-slopes. The source of inspiration in lighting lies in geographical location of the site. Two extremes of natural daylight occur here. The nightless nights during summer and the darkness of winter when you don’t see the sun. These unique daylight phenomenons  are the heart and soul of Lapland and for centuries they have had a profound impact on people living there. The lighting concept links into these unique natural phenomenons. The three design drivers of the lighting  plan are 1. Safety 2. Experience and 3. Eco-Efficiency.

During winter the dark polar sky offers a spectacular view to see the stars, and if you are lucky you might witness the aurora borealis mysterious dance in the sky. The plazas along the pedestrian streets will have projected art-light in the form of slowly evolving aurora borealis which tells the story of Lapland. The pedestrian street itself is lit with a lantern that gives a warm glow around and creates a visual clue that guides the people along the way. Around the area there has also been a special attention on vertical structures that define the space during the dark hours and enhances way-finding in urban spaces.


Categories: Outdoor lighting, Urban space