MAKE-A-FLAKE Permanent light art festival installation

The goal of this project was to design a lighting look that stands out in the darkness, and to create a winter wonderland that brings a little bit of magic to the city center and joy to people during the dark winter months. We also wanted to involve the community in helping design their environment and to ensure that urban space has a personal feel. The starting scene of the lighting is a frozen lake where you can follow the trails left behind by ice skaters. The lighting design also has a dynamic aspect and over time the street slowly changes into a sea of snowflakes. We hope to see some small snowflake seekers spotting their work during this winter as these snowflakes have originally been cut out of paper by local children at Children’s Cultural Centre Rulla and consequently digitalized and projected on the ground. The site is still under construction, but the lighting has been already installed and project is finalized before end of the year.



Categories: Light art, Outdoor lighting, Urban space