SuperSized IceLantern

Design of SuperSized IceLantern is based on nordic tradition of freezing bucket of water to shape a lantern. A candle placed inside the lantern makes it alive bringing warmth and happiness to people minds and dark period of the year. Lighting of this SuperSized IceLantern lights up a fictional candle making it a piece of city that is bringing happiness, experiences and warmth around it.

As a real flame, the lighting of the lantern is in constant change and it wont repeat itself following a predefined pattern. This is made possible by control system, which generates color and intensity of movement of the flames  in real time utilizing open data. Color of the flame changes based on weather forecast updating almost in real time. Fair weather makes lantern blaze in amber and red colors of real flame, transforming to deep blue when its rainy. When the sky is clear the colors change to sky blue and white tones. During the winter sleet makes the lantern bring a pinch of warmth with red and purple colors and when the forecast shows snow, you can see the flakes coming down in lantern. Movement intensity of the flames follows real time data of traffic ammount in city of Tampere. When ammount is high flames blaze quickly, slowing down along with the traffic ammount when there is not much cars driving around.

To make interactivity literally touchable to people, we added a funny game show button to the structure. By hitting the button, people can let the lantern choose randomly colors of either one of the local ice hockey teams or neutral Aurora Borealis theme.


Categories: Light art, Outdoor lighting, Urban space