Vantaa city museum

The city museum of Vantaa is an old station building on the path of the first build part of railway in Finland. It is an old conservated red brick building designed by Carl Albert Edelfelt. As the surrounding city space developes, has the old museum building been slowly overshadowed especially during the dark hours. New facade lighting restores the role of this old building as a part of the city space during the dark hours. Lighting has been designed by the terms of the building itself. Design of the lighting highlights beautiful details still maintaining composed contrasts because all of the shapes of an old building easily creates sharp shadows when not lit in a proper way. Color of the red brick is noticed by very warm colour temperature. As a part of the glare control the restriction of the light has been been paid attention to. By utilizing projection technology the light is restricted precisely to cover only the brick areas and not to penetrate through the windows.

Photos: Antti Yrjönen


Categories: Outdoor lighting, Urban space