YötönYö – Nightless Night LUX Helsinki 2015

In terms of light, Finland is a land of contrasts. Once the long dark winter has been vanquished, the nightless nights of summer feel like they have never been away. The mystical summer night has inspired artists through the ages.

The Yötön yö light art piece can be found directly in front of the Parliament House at the Musiikkitalo concert hall. This work reminds viewers of the nightless nights, in the midst of an urban setting. Its stylised wooden frames present a modern interpretation of a summer birch grove. Changing light provides an abstract take on the ever wandering light of the nightless nights, filtered through the forest trees. On the horizon in the background, the colours of midsummer are brought to life. Viewers can hear the endless sounds of summer nights. Check out our video from the programming night picnic in the art piece or have a 360° glimpse inside.

Categories: Light art