Architectural lighting design

The design expertise of our team extends into both interior- and exterior lighting design, and our team has experience in projects on the private-, retail-, health- and public sectors. Our design process is characterized by structured design phases from project planning to finalization. Our team is ready to move mountains to ensure that everything starting from the first concepts will go as envisioned.

Light art

The balance of light and shadow creates the contrast that evokes the vision, and on the canvas of darkness, light plays the leading role. With a carefully designed lighting, anything can create an intriguing visual experience. We design iconic eye-catchers for the nighttime cityscape and offer consultancy for all lighting related art projects.

Product development

As our team works with lighting design and lighting hardware daily, we have solid understanding of pros and cons of different lighting solutions. We are eager to help, so challenge us with any questions regarding your lighting product.

Consultancy and education

Need somebody to give a speech or lecture about lighting or lighting design? We have the expertise and experience to offer educational lectures of broad scope.

Luminance measuring

Everything we see is reflected light, and luminance measuring makes more sense than concentrating on Lux levels. We use a calibrated LMK Mobile Advanced –camera for measuring surface luminances and offer measurements and reports on order.