Arto Heiskanen

My career in architectural lighting design started in 2000 at VALOA design Ltd while wrapping up my lighting studies at Tampere Polytechnic. Over the years I have been leading a multitude of projects spanning from residential designs to city master-plans, both in Finland and abroad. After 12 years, it was time for the next step. Therefore, in order to pursue our own visions, we started the WhiteNight agency together with Joonas Saaranen in the spring of 2013.

Light in nature is my source of inspiration.

Joonas Saaranen

In my lighting designs, I wish to challenge the darkness with light to create contrast and contour. I’ve studied Industrial design in Rovaniemi, Barcelona, and Berlin before gaining my degree in architectural lighting design in Stockholm Sweden KTH ALD 2009. After this I’ve worked across Europe in lighting design in both large scale corporate level companies as well as in independent agencies. Currently I’m combining both of my passions, lighting and luminaire design, here at WhiteNight.

The Nordic light is a combination of extremes from endless days to dark gloomy hours. This unique variation of  light creates an endless source for inspiration.